The Badge & The Bear


The grizzly bear shifters in Timber Falls are bad news…

Grizzly shifter, Grayden Larchmont, fends off the demons of his dark and violent past the only way he knows how: by brawling. Sometimes, his bear just needs to hit something. But after recent events have left the town with a bad taste for shifters, the Bad News Bears are supposed to behave. There are two rules: No fights and no mates. The problem is, since he can’t have the 2nd, Grayden can’t resist the first.

Rachel Hawkins knows what it’s like to be a victim. Ever since that horrific night in college, she vowed to be there to help others through the same awful experience –and maybe even prevent it from happening at all. For her, becoming a cop was a way to balance the scales. That and her resolve to steer clear of men. A strategy that has managed to keep her heart and her body safe for almost 10 years. So, why is it that lately, she can’t stop fantasizing about the gray grizzly from the other side of the mountain? When Rachel arrests Grayden for brawling in an illegal fight club, she’s torn between desire at the way he looks at her and terror for the violence he’s capable of.

When the fight club attempts revenge on her for shutting them down, can Rachel rely on the most dangerous man she’s ever met to keep her body and her heart safe?

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