Puma shifter, Del Santoni, has lived her entire life as the heir to a decades’ old feud with the Armsford family—a struggle that ended in the death of her own father years ago. Since then, both sides have done nothing but fight and grapple for social power—and Del’s sick of it. She’s willing to do anything to end the war—even if it means dethroning her own family.
Del begins a secret mission to recover the Maker’s Mark. If legend is true, its symbols will reveal the name of the one true ruling family. When the statue is found and someone threatens Del’s life in order to steal it, Del is forced to accept the help and protection of her greatest enemy. He is the most stubborn, infuriating werewolf she’s ever laid eyes on. He also happens to be her fated mate. Throw in a sassy human car thief who won’t leave her alone, a marriage hoax, and tattooed coyote shifters trying to kill her at every rest stop…if she survives the week, it’ll be a miracle.

Wolf shifter Zak Armsford has never been accused of being a good guy – but being good doesn’t get the job done. Mislabeled and misunderstood, he left Fort Jericho years ago and joined the military to put his bad rep to good use. Now that he’s a free man, he’s not exactly white collar material. So when his friend from Shifters, Inc calls with a protection detail, Zak is just hungry enough for some action to say yes.

Turns out his assignment offers plenty of action. Zak discovers he’s been hired to protect the Princess of Fort Jericho herself. Del Santoni—his greatest enemy and his childhood crush all in one. Zak can’t walk away a second time. To keep Del alive and the statue safe, he’ll ruthlessly use his supernatural strength, his connections, and Del’s own secrets against her.

On the run, Del struggles with the truth. Is Zak her Fated Mate – or her mortal enemy? Because it’s not just Del’s heart that’s at risk – it’s her life.

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Bad News Bears #2.jpg

The grizzly bear shifters in Timber Falls are bad news…

Grizzly shifter, Grayden Larchmont, fends off the demons of his dark and violent past the only way he knows how: by brawling. Sometimes, his bear just needs to hit something. But after recent events have left the town with a bad taste for shifters, the Bad News Bears are supposed to behave. There are two rules: No fights and no mates. The problem is, since he can’t have the 2nd, Grayden can’t resist the first.

Rachel Hawkins knows what it’s like to be a victim. Ever since that horrific night in college, she vowed to be there to help others through the same awful experience –and maybe even prevent it from happening at all. For her, becoming a cop was a way to balance the scales. That and her resolve to steer clear of men. A strategy that has managed to keep her heart and her body safe for almost 10 years. So, why is it that lately, she can’t stop fantasizing about the gray grizzly from the other side of the mountain? When Rachel arrests Grayden for brawling in an illegal fight club, she’s torn between desire at the way he looks at her and terror for the violence he’s capable of.

When the fight club attempts revenge on her for shutting them down, can Rachel rely on the most dangerous man she’s ever met to keep her body and her heart safe?

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Bad News Bears #1

The grizzly bear shifters in Timber Falls are bad news…

As alpha of a crew with haunted pasts, Hunt Blackburn has only 1 rule: No Mates Allowed. But he’s been so busy denying his own secret mating call for so long, the pressure of resisting is making his entire crew miserable. They argue more, fight more, and the town of Timber Falls has had enough. When a bar fight leaves Hunt’s crew on the hook for damages and possible assault, Hunt knows he has to step up and fix what’s broken. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as simple as a few screws and nails. Not after Hunt meets the bar owner, Patrice Monroe, a cute, curvy brunette with a past of her own.

Patrice thought she’d left a life of violence behind when she moved to Timber Falls. She has secrets and her safety requires that she keep them. Lay low. Don’t stand out. So when an anti-shifter activist comes poking around, intent on running shifters out of town, Patrice knows she can’t risk being discovered now. But when Hunt begins breaking down her walls, all Patrice wants is to tell the truth to someone who gets it.

Will Hunt break his own rule for Patrice or will he love her and leave her in order to keep her—and all her secrets—safe?

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!

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Everyone is hiding something.

Ever since his father died Xavier Wilde has thrown himself into his work. As the leader of the Blue Bear Search and Rescue Team, his job is simple, save lives. However, things become a lot more complicated when a cute curvy brunette from the Department of Transportation comes to help the team with a new job. Now Xavier is forced to show her his true self, in order to convince her to be his mate.

Laurel doesn’t let anyone tell her how to do her job. Especially not some polar bear shifter who thinks he’s God’s gift to Search and Rescue. But when Xavier begins to break down her walls, Laurel finds herself unable to say no.

In their line of work, mistakes can cost people their lives. So how can they trust each other to keep everyone they care about safe when they’re both hiding their own secrets?

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!

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RiverBear (1).jpg

Blood is thicker…

Polar Bear Shifter Jake has always wanted a real family. People to love and care about him, nothing like his foster father who saw him as nothing more than a punching bag. He testified against the monster and put him away for good, or so he thought.

Delilah is an orphan, she knows the struggle of being alone all too well, but when she meets Jake suddenly she has everything she ever wanted. Until someone threatens to take it all away.

Jake has to defend his mate against his one true enemy. His own family. But will he be able to keep her safe, when he has to defeat his own demons as well?

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!

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